Roller Pen Vs. Ball Pen

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Many people are particular about the type of pen they use to write with. Whether the pen is a roller pen or a ballpoint pen determines how the ink looks on the page. While ballpoint pens have been around longer, roller pens are gaining popularity due to their smooth effect.


Roller pens and ballpoint pens are designed to release ink differently. With a ballpoint pen, the ink is ejected as the ball of the pen is turned. Roller pens, on the other hand, release ink in a freer fashion because the ball can be turned faster.


The kind of ink used in a roller pen and a ballpoint pen is different. Roller pens utilize ink that is water-based, while ballpoint pen ink is oil-based. Roller pens have an advantage in that water-based ink absorbs and dries faster on paper. A disadvantage to this, however, is that roller pen ink cartridges dry out faster than ballpoint ink.


The watery base of roller pen ink creates a smoother effect on paper. Also, roller pens provide a more consistent flow of ink. Ballpoint pens have the pesky effect of skipping ink in parts of words or sentences, which ends up looking choppy or messy.