Projects With Industry

Under this grant, businesses work with advisory councils to identify specific projects that will serve the community at large while employing people with disabilities. Businesses that receive this grant must use it to train disabled people for entry level jobs and help those already employed to advance their careers. The grant will cover 80 percent of a project's cost; you'll be responsible for funding the rest.

Employment Programs for People With Disabilities

Established by the Department of Labor, this grant seeks to help disabled people start their own businesses and work for themselves. It's primarily aimed at non-profit and educational organizations, but for-profit businesses are also eligible. You may qualify if you're interested in hiring disabled people as independent contractors and are willing to train them to do the work.

Work Opportunity Credit

Under this program, your company is eligible for a 40 percent credit on the first $6,000 you pay a newly hired disabled employee. You'll get a credit for the first $12,000 in wages if the disabled person is a veteran.