There are five Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) grants to ensure access and equality to individuals covered under ADA guidelines. They cover assistance to local governments, public entities and individuals, helping ensure access to public facilities and understanding of ADA guidelines. The grants provide disabled workers with employment protection and employ work incentives to augment Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) income.

ADA Technical Assistance Program

The ADA-TAP grant provides technical information and training to state and local governments, nonprofit agencies that have public or commercial facilities, and individuals needing ADA information regarding their rights. The TAP also funds investigation of ADA violation complaints and projects that enhance or improve ADA education. The focus of this grant is to educate both governmental and nonprofit entities along with individuals on the requirements of Title II and Title III of the ADA law.

Voting Access Grants

Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities grants are available to individual states to ensure that the disabled have access to polling places. The grant provides funding for projects which ensure physical access, as well as to train poll workers, election volunteers or officials to assist the disabled to cast their votes.

Protection and Advocacy Grants

This is a formula grant that acts in conjunction with the Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities-Grants to States. The Grants for Protection and Advocacy Systems are provided to individual states to provide training and education to individuals with disabilities to encourage them in participating in elections. The grant provides funds to ensure that advocates are available to help people with disabilities file complaints and grievances related to accessing polling locations. Education on various voting equipment or systems that assist the disabled is also covered under the grant.

Work Incentive Grant

The Work Incentive Grant provides the disabled greater access to work opportunities through One Stop Career Centers, which provide comprehensive services and support to encourage employment retention. The grant provides Disability Program Navigators, who assist WIG staff members to find the correct program for disabled individuals who want to work. Education on disability benefits and disability programs related to employment for both WIG staff and individuals is also included under this grant. The WIG grant funds state Workforce Investment Act (WIA) agencies.

Employment Discrimination-Title I Grants

This grant works toward prevention of employment discrimination toward individuals who have a disability. For employers with 15 or more employees, the Title I grant provides protection under the law to persons with disabilities who are wrongfully terminated, harassed or retaliated against by an employer because of their disability. The grant allows the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to investigate complaints and find validity for disabled individuals, permitting them to sue employers for discrimination based on EEOC findings. The grant is provided to individuals or their representative organizations to file discrimination lawsuits against employers who violate Title I of the ADA.