How to Make a Business Pamphlet

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Pamphlets are used as a quick way to get information out about your business venture. Whether you're selling items or you're looking to recruit interns to work at your magazine or newspaper, pamphlets will help you explain your motive in a concise way. Make your business pamphlet using a word processing program such as Word.

Open a blank document. Type out all of the information you want in your business pamphlet. Include information about your venture, such as what job you're offering and what kind of candidate you're looking for. Add in your business's contact information: phone numbers and email addresses as well as the physical address.

Create a new Word file. Select "Brochure" from the popup menu. Either double-click on the file or highlight it and click "OK." Copy and paste your brochure information into the pamphlet. Word provides dummy text to guide you throughout the process of creating the pamphlet. Word's template is for a double-sided tri-fold pamphlet, but you can always create a single-sided pamphlet by leaving the second page blank.

Organize the information on the pamphlet. Once you have copied and pasted your initial information, ensure it is in the right spot. Write your business's name and contact information on the cover of the pamphlet, leaving room for a photo or clipart, which you will import later. The first inside fold of the pamphlet should detail what your business is about -- use short sentences with bullets to get your point across. Consider this your "quick hits" -- the size of your company, your company's mission (include a mission statement if you have one) and your target demographic. The middle fold should detail what kind of employee you're looking for, such as an enterprise reporter, or what you're looking to sell, such as bulk organic fruits and vegetables. The last inside fold should be either an employment application or an itemized order form.

Import photos to your brochure. Place a small photo above or beside your text on the cover or a large photo under your text, serving as a background. Consider using a watermark of your photo if you choose to place it behind the text on your page; this will ensure readability.

Print the first page of your pamphlet. If you created a second page, place the same page you printed the first side on back in your printer to print on the other side.


  • If you do choose to create a double-sided business pamphlet, consider leaving the middle outside panel mostly blank, but put your business's return address in the upper left corner, making the pamphlets easy to mail to prospective employees or buyers.