Volunteers are often unrecognized for their efforts. Even though it's a simple gesture, a written letter that acknowledges volunteers for their time will make a lasting impression of them.

Step 1.

Compile a list of the volunteers. The list should include the volunteers' names, tasks and the number of hours worked.

Step 2.

Write a handwritten thank you letter to each volunteer. Handwritten letters are more thoughtful and personal than a typed letter that could be created by a mail merge program. The effort you put into writing a handwritten letter will show. Even though it takes time to write a letter, it's important to acknowledge the volunteers for their efforts.

Step 3.

Personalize the letter. Keep each letter personal, yet professional. Thank each volunteer for his or her contributions. Acknowledge them for their time and what efforts they made. Refrain from making any requests. Don't ask for further volunteer assistance or for a list of referrals who could help with future efforts.

Step 4.

Make a copy of the letter. Distribute a copy of the letter to the volunteer's employer. Allow the individual to be acknowledged by his employer and co-workers.

Step 5.

Mail the letter. Send the letter to the recipient. Make sure you include your return address on the envelope.


Send the letter to the recipient in a timely manner. Make sure to send the thank you letter within two weeks of the person's final volunteer effort.