A handyman business needs a steady stream of new customers to keep the work flowing and the income steady. Marketing your business increases your visibility and makes potential clients aware of your skills. Use multiple marketing streams and methods for best results.

Step 1.

Spiff up your website, brochure and business cards. Printed items spread the word about your services and expertise. However, people are turned off by an unprofessional-looking card, flyer or website. If spelling and grammar aren't your best attributes, barter your skills with a local writer or editor to make sure your written promotional material is top-notch.

Step 2.

Network with real estate agents to gain new customers and references. Real estate professionals are often in need of various small repairs on houses they are offering for sale. They can generate word-of-mouth promotion for your handyman business.

Step 3.

Donate several hours of your time to a charity. When a local church or community group holds a raffle or similar fundraising event, offer your handyman services as a donation. The charity group will mention your business name as a generous donor, and the winner of your services may become a repeat customer.

Step 4.

Continually upgrade your handyman education. With up-to-date skills, you can meet your clients’ needs. Local homeowner's stores may offer free workshops on a range of handyman skills. Cooperative extension services may also give instruction on such outdoor projects as building compost bins and installing rain barrels. Note on your brochure or website that you put in a specific amount of training each month.