Examples of Employment Ads

Employment ads clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the job while communicating the qualifications and skills necessary for the position. Tailor the ad to attract the candidates you seek, focusing on important qualifications while enticing workers with the compensation and benefits budgeted for the position. Be sure to include any perks that may attract superior candidates.

Clerical Example

This example of a clerical employment ad focuses on an entry level clerical position. The summary and job title, short and to the point, quickly familiarizes the job seeker with the employment opportunity. Outlining specific duties, minimum education and experience avoids discrimination against applicants, while encouraging those with the appropriate qualifications to apply for the job.

Job Title

Office Assistant.


Assist with clerical duties such as filing and organizing documents, data entry and receptionist work in support of office activities.

Job Duties

  • Scan documents into database, utilizing available software and hardware.
  • Ensure accuracy and quality of scanned documents.
  • Organize and file records and documents.
  • Help receptionist by answering calls and maintaining digital and paper records.
  • Performs additional office support duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • One year experience with clerical work.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Prior experience as a receptionist, filing and sorting records. 

Nursing Example

Similar to the clerical employment advertisement, this employment ad for a registered nursing position quickly and clearly communicates the job description, duties and requirements for applicants. In this case, since the nursing profession requires a state-sanctioned license, rather than posting education and experience requirements, demanding a license automatically avoids responses from those unfamiliar with nursing requirements. Since the demand for registered nurses remains strong, expressing a preference for experienced registered nurses attracts experienced candidates while opening the door for outstanding new nurses who may excel at their position at a lower salary.

Job Title

Registered nurse.


Support the recovery of medical patients through the process of nursing, working with doctors and other members of the healthcare team to provide the best care possible.

Job Duties

  • Communicate with patients and doctors to determine patient needs.
  • Establish rapport with patients to foster better communication.
  • Perform medical support duties as assigned by doctors and lead nurses.
  • Maintain a positive, compassionate bedside manner for patients, friends and family.
  • Adhere to medical standards and requirements according to state requirements. 
  • Monitor patient progress, adjusting therapy or consulting with doctors and head nurses before altering care.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork and reports, filing and organizing reports accurately.
  • Educate patients and family members about medical condition and required therapy.
  • Maintain safe, sterile workplace while monitoring medical inventory and equipment.


  • Must possess a state-sanctioned nursing license.
  • Previous experience as a registered nurse preferred.

Avoiding Prohibited Practices

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission enforces employment laws designed to prevent discrimination against employees by potential employers. For job advertisements, you may not include any language that expresses a preference for a specific race, gender, sex, nationality, age or religion. Publishing an employment ad that precludes those with medical disabilities or certain genetic profiles is also prohibited.

One method to avoid discrimination involves carefully selecting the language chosen. Rather than describing a specific action that suggests a specific physical profile, use language that describes the goal of the work. Instead of stating that a candidate must be able to lift or carry equipment, mention that the job requires moving and transporting equipment. This gives the opportunity for a candidate to perform the task according to their abilities, which may be different from the method that another candidate would use to perform the task.


  • Use clear and concise language rather than fancy phrasing or vocabulary when creating an employment ad. Communicate the attractive incentives of the positions and delineate specific duties to lure appropriate candidates.