Ideas for Business Logos

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A good company logo is a visual way for customers to remember your company. It can be the trigger that customers see that will get them to think about your product or service. The logo is just as critical to your company image as your name, according to online business resource Entrepreneur. Spend some time on your logo and hire a professional graphic artist to create the perfect logo for your company.

Words Or Letters

As you experiment with different logo ideas, start with the name of your company. Work through different fonts to see if you can find one that creates a definitive look to your logo. A good example is the very straightforward and popular logo for IBM. The white letters made of mostly straight lines on blue background represent the no-nonsense approach the company takes to business. See if you can find an idea that uses just the first letter of your company to be your logo. The Green Bay Packers are a professional football team that uses just a simple "G" as their logo. The letters of your company name could also be connected in some way to create a logo. For example, if your business initials are "H.M.H." then you can create the H's from the two straight lines of the M and you have a logo.

Your Product

You can let customers know what you sell by using your product in your logo. A commercial airline may choose to use an image of an airplane, or an airplane tail, as its logo. A retail men's clothing store may use a familiar derby hat or the outline of a suit coat as its logo. Consider the products you sell as your logo, but be sure that the products you use are products you will be selling during the time you will be using your logo. As soon as you stop selling that product, you may have to change your logo.

Personal Symbol

Sometimes a symbol that means something to you personally, and you feel represents your business, would make a good logo. For example, if your favorite time of the year is fall then you may want to consider making your logo a fall-colored Maple leaf. Do not use religious symbols as that could alienate some of your customers. Also avoid trying to create a variation of a competitor's logo as that could cause a lawsuit. Try to find a symbol that represents something you personally enjoy, and use that as your company's logo.

Company Name

Sometimes your company name will lend itself to a logo idea. For example, the logo for Domino's Pizza is a picture of a domino in the company colors of red and blue. A literal interpretation of the company name could create a good logo.

What Company Stands For

If your company wants to convey a strong belief or attitude on business practice, then use that as your logo. For example, if your company specializes in railroad safety products then a locomotive sitting on a pillow may make an interesting image for your company logo. Your company believes in the safety of locomotives and a train setting on a pillow is as safe as it can get.