How to Motivate Your Sales Force

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No matter what line of work your business is in, a dedicated, professional and productive sales force is a big asset. Keeping that sales force motivated might be quite easy when times are good and sales are flowing freely, but when your business hits a rough patch it can be much harder to keep your top performers on board, and keep them motivated. Implementing a multifaceted approach to employee motivation and morale can keep your top salespeople performing at the top of their game, regardless of outside market conditions.

Give your sales team a thorough understanding of the company as a whole, not just the particular products they sell. Take the time to introduce new salespeople to everyone in the office, and give those new workers a tour of the facility and a look at the production line. Seeing how their job fits into the bigger picture can be quite motivating for sales professionals.

Implement sales contests, and awards for salespeople who meet and exceed their quotas each month. Nothing motivates employees quite like money, but if money is tight businesses can use creative alternatives, including office parties, plaques, certificates and non-monetary rewards. Contact other business owners about buying discounted gift certificates in bulk, and use those prizes to motivate and reward outstanding members of the team.

Target your bonus program toward creating new business. Encourage your sales team to seek out new business opportunities for the company, and reward the salespeople who do the best job of bringing those new customers through the door. According to Paul Gavejian, a managing director for the firm Total Compensation Solutions, there has been an increase in the number of companies using bonus programs as a way to spur sales for their firms.

Track individual performance, but use a team approach as well. To be productive, salespeople need to feel that they are valued members of the team, so using team building exercises and conducting regular company status meetings is a good way to keep those workers motivated and productive.