When it comes to shipping boxes, there are a number of alternative methods you can use. However, the cost of these methods will vary depending upon how large your box is, how heavy it is and how far away its destination is. When evaluating cheap ways to ship boxes, keep in mind that some packages are going to cost quite a bit of money to ship regardless of method and you may want to consider re-packing into a smaller box or not shipping the box at all.

Delivery Companies

Of course, companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL will ship boxes for you, and oftentimes have very competitive rates, especially for smaller boxes. The key to finding a good price here is to comparison shop for rates. Additionally, the U.S. Postal Service ships boxes and now offers several flat-rate options that could save you money on smaller, yet heavier items.

Train Freight Service

Amtrak offers freight shipping of boxes up to 50 pounds, with entire shipments up to 500 pounds. Rates will vary depending upon distance and not every station will accept items for shipping, although packages can be delivered to all stations. It is recommended to call for rates and available stations.

Greyhound Package Express

Greyhound Bus Lines also offers shipping on boxes, up to 100 pounds per package. Additionally, there are several different service levels available, depending upon the destination and when you need the box to arrive. You can also track packages online. However, as with Amtrak, delivery of boxes is only to the nearest station and not to homes or addresses.

Moving Companies

If you have a large number of boxes, or several bulky and heavy items, consider hiring a moving service. Many moving companies charge per weight or per square feet, and sometimes this can be a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional shipping methods, especially if you must ship larger or heavier items long distances. However, some companies require you to purchase a minimum amount of space, but they will also pack and load your items for you if desired.