A cash cube, also known as a money booth, is often used as an eye-catcher at fairs and fundraisers. The lure of money attracts people to the cube to play the popular game. The object of the game is to close yourself in the cube and collect as much money as possible in the time allotted, while a leaf blower or wind machine blows the money into the air around you. Renting or owning a cash cube can be expensive, but building your own cash cube is an affordable option.

Place the wood pallet on the ground so that it is lying flat. This will be the base of the cash cube.

Position the leaf blower under the base, removing a slat to allow for the blast of air into the cube. Place the nozzle of the leaf blower upwards, and lay the metal grill over it.

Screw the bottom of each of the staves into the four corners of the base, by placing screws into holes at the ends of the staves and tightening the screws with the screwdriver.

Tape the plexiglass sheets to the staves. Align one side of the plexiglass with the side of a stave, and tape the plexiglass and the stave together. Place strips of tape on each piece of plexiglass and connect all sides with tape until they form a cube shape. Tape screening across the top of the cube to prevent cash from blowing out. Only apply tape to one side of the fourth wall, to allow it to be opened and closed like a door. The door can be secured with a small piece of tape when the game is running.

Place the money on the base of the cube, and turn on the leaf blower.

Things You Will Need
  • 4 wood staves, at least seven feet in length

  • 4 thin plexiglass sheets approximately 7-by-3 feet

  • Cash

  • Packaging tape

  • 4 six-inch wood screws

  • Screwdriver

  • 3-by-3 foot wooden pallet

  • Leaf blower

  • Metal grill

  • Screening material


The metal grill will prevent people from stepping into the open slat where you place the leaf blower; however, you should be cautious and mindful of where the hole is when you are using the cash cube.