Youth Group Community Service Ideas

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Youth group community service projects help group members build their college resumes while providing a valuable service to someone in need. In addition, the experience can teach group members how to negotiate, plan, and execute ideas, which will be helpful as they enter careers. Choosing appropriate projects for youth groups sets them on the path to success.

Gift Boxes For the Homeless

Gift baskets for the homeless is a project that can be done on a year-round basis, at the holidays only, or at seasonal changes. Group members can decide what items the baskets will contain. For example, if it's winter, put a new pair of gloves, some long johns, a scarf, and a gift card for a fast-food restaurant in each basket. Group members can hold a fundraiser to buy the basket items. Once the baskets are filled, adults can escort the group to a nearby shelter to donate them.

Adopting Yardwork

Another good youth group project is volunteering to do yard work for the elderly. Contact a senior citizen center or church to locate elderly people who live alone. The group can then adopt several elderly residents and offer to fill their yardwork needs once a week for a year. Group members can also socialize with their chosen recipients.

Painting the Town

Choosing a family in need and fixing up their home is also a rewarding project. Choose the family on the basis of economic hardship, family illness, or another deserving reason. The youth group can gain experience in seeking donations by asking local businesses to supply the cleaning, painting, and repair supplies needed for the job. The group can send a letter to the editor of the local newspaper to thank the contributing businesses once the project is complete.