There are few recruiting tools as effective as a well-written letter to potential volunteers. The expense of holding recruiting events, advertising and hiring marketing consultants makes letter writing the lifeblood of any charity. You need to learn how to write an effective letter asking for volunteers at the beginning of your nonprofit career.

1. Step 1

Begin your letter with a succinct message about the social problems your organization addresses. Use a pointed message about poverty, health problems and other community issues that would be reduced with the help of volunteers.

2. Step 2

Explain the role of volunteers in your organization in the second paragraph of the letter.

3. Step 3

Detail the specific steps a volunteer can take to help your organization. List phone numbers, websites and upcoming events a prospective volunteer can attend in this section.

4. Step 4

Target high-impact areas such as universities and out-of-area organizations that share your causes. Create a simple website with mailing addresses and organization names.

5. Step 5

Use bulk business mailing rates to reduce costs.

6. Step 6

Insert staff testimonials into the letter. These testimonials should be written to highlight the reasons why volunteers work with your organization as well as major projects on which they have worked.


Do not request financial assistance in letters asking for volunteers. A pledge insert into a volunteer letter allows the recipient to separate service requests from financial ones.