How to Write a Fundraising Event Request Letter to My Pastor

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A letter to your pastor for a fund-raising event can take two forms: It can be a request for permission to organize the event, or a request for the pastor to attend or participate in the event. When writing either type of letter to your pastor, always make sure it is precise, courteous, and sent early enough to allow time for consideration and scheduling.

State the purpose of the letter in the opening sentence. This sentence should be short and reveal whether this an invitation to an event or a request for permission to organize one. Do not include dates, times, or places in the first sentence. You should provide the name or purpose of the fund-raiser in this sentence.

Use two or three supporting sentences in the first paragraph to expand on the details of the event. These sentences will describe items like the date, time, and cost of the event. If the event has been held before, tell the pastor the outcome of the fund-raiser in the past.

Open the second paragraph by describing the need that will be met by the event. Follow this with more descriptive information discussing why this need is important. Make certain that it is clear why this deserves the pastor's time and attention. Thank your pastor for taking the time to read about your fund-raising event request.

Write and mail the letter at least a month before the event date. The amount of lead time should be longer if this is a request to organize an event or if the pastor will be needed to help with the event. In this final case, at least three months should be allowed instead of a month. The overall format of the letter should follow that of a formal business letter.


  • Always allow plenty of time for the pastor to respond to your request.