Start-Up Business Ideas for Women

Women can start basically any business. If you want to take control of your finances and be your own boss, there are several types of businesses you can start. Choose a business that you know something about and that interests you.

Online Businesses

Ship out your products.

A quick and easy way to get started in your own business is online. You can start out with items you have at home or crafts you generate on your own. If you have the money you can also either invest in inventory or use a drop shipment company to handle inventory. An online store can host your business.


Women can be great salespeople.

Sales is also a great way for women to get into business. Get the word out to friends, neighbors, and relatives. Women can make money by selling makeup, jewelry, cookware or baked goods.


Other Ideas

Choose a business you know and love.

Some businesses take more planning and investment. The following ideas involve licensing requirements, start-up funding, and a business plan. - A daycare business can be rather lucrative if you have the right facility, caregivers, and training. - A coffee shop that sells baked goods or breakfast foods. - Clothing boutique.
- Franchises.