It is important for any church to know those who attend services. A church membership directory lets the church leader know the members -- and gives the congregants the opportunity to have contact and get to know one another. Creating a church membership directory requires collecting the essential information from its members.

Membership Information

Gather membership information from the congregants. Ask for the names of all members, their spouses and children, as well as contact information and the name of the city in which they live. This gives you and other congregants access to members in particular communities for special regionally based projects or charity work within those communities. Collect social media information and email addresses as well for those who wish to connect online.

Database Creation

Transfer collected information into a formal database. Input the membership information into a database program the church already uses, or opt for software that is easy to use and allows for customization for templates and member groupings.

Printing the Directory

Use a professional layout program to complete the directory if the database software does not have its own option to print out all the information, directory-style. Print out one proof copy and allow several other to proofread it before printing the rest of the directories for the entire congregation. If working with a print shop, contact a representative ahead of time to calculate costs and determine an ideal layout and binding style for the booklets.

Online Information

An online secure directory allows members to look up the information without the need for a print copy. Specialty software designed to manage membership directories allows members to log in and access or update information at any time, or if you have a skilled programmer already working on the church website, she may be able to create the directory for you.