Ideas for Customer Service Outreach

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Successful customer service initiatives include outreach programs that increase customer retention and help increase sales and profits. Whether you operate an online store, physical store or service business, a well-established customer service outreach program can enhance your company profile. The best customer service outreach ideas create a strong foundation for high customer satisfaction.

After-Sale Outreach

Reach out to your customers after they make a purchase. Send a thank you note and welcome them back to your store or website with a special offer or coupon. After-sale outreach shows customers you value their business and can set you apart from your competitors. Include easy contact methods for customer service and consider soliciting customer feedback to increase the outreach impact.

Something Extra

Give your customers a reason to smile by providing something extra that is unexpected and appreciated. For example, if you repair computers, fix a device error or double a memory installation for free. In a retail environment, you could offer to contact other stores in the area for any item out of stock, even if it means the customer goes to your competitor. Going the extra mile for customers and providing unexpected extras translates into fiercely loyal customers.

Customer Cycles

Notice changes in customer cycles. If a routine customer has not made a purchase in a while, contact them and let them know they have been missed. Provide information on new products, discounts for the customer's most frequently purchased item or the direct line to a customer service representative. Customers will appreciate the attention and may return to your store as a direct result of your communication.


Proactively offer financing options to your best customers. Even if customers do not need or desire financing, showing you value your customers even if they encounter financial difficulties can increase the customer's bond to your company. If customers take advantage of your financing, they may increase the size and frequency of their purchases.

Two-Tier Follow-up

Follow-up on all requests for service, assistance or information quickly. Rapid response is the best way to ensure the highest level of customer service. Instigate a second tier follow-up plan to ensure customers are pleased with the service or information they received. This second tier follow-up could be a survey, email, letter or phone call. Match the type of follow-up to the type of customer for maximum benefit. For example, follow-up with a phone call for your best customers and an email for new customers.