Good Businesses to Start

Businesses that require little investment and have the potential to grow are ideal to start. Consider starting one of the following businesses.

Potential Small Businesses

Accounting firm. Become an accountant and offer bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services. Advertise to small businesses.

Apartment preparation service. Contract your services to apartment complexes. Your services would included such things as painting walls, cleaning carpets, minor repairs, and replacing light bulbs.

Business consultant. Prepare business plans and marketing plans for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Carpet cleaning. Start this business by renting a carpet-cleaning machine and start distributing fliers to homes offering your services.

Child care. Start a daycare in your home or rent a building. Many states require licensing.

Commercial cleaning. Contact businesses in your area and offer your services. With this type of business the work will usually be completed in the evenings when the building is not occupied. Contact the larger outlets and offer to clean their floors. Rent a machine to do the cleaning.

Computer repair. If you are smart with computers and can repair them, there is a huge market. Begin by contacting local business and placing a small classified ad in the paper.

Event planning. Offer to plan events for businesses and individuals. Such events may include corporate meetings, corporate Christmas parties, family reunions, birthday parties, and wedding parties.

Fence repair. All homes and businesses that have fences will need repairs at some point. Consider starting a repair service. Start distributing fliers and let them know you are available.

Graphic design. Become a freelance graphic artist and contract your services to local businesses and your local phone directory. Don't over look online businesses in need of graphic design as well.

Gutter cleaning. Most homes have gutters that need to be cleaned. This is an easy business to start and you can get paid right way.

Home inspection. Many homes require inspections for insurance reasons, or perhaps someone is purchasing a home. This type of business requires formal training and licensing.

Landscaping. If you enjoy designing yards and gardens, this may be the business for you. Many states require licensing of landscaping contractors.

Mailbox center. Consider renting a small unit in a shopping mall and offering mailbox rental services. You may want to offer other services such as copy, fax, shipping and notary services.

Mobile mechanic. This is an ideal business if you are mechanically inclined and wish to set your own hours.

Personal chef. Offer your services to businesses holding events or individuals for parties. Start by placing an ad in your local paper.

Property management. This type of service manages rental properties for homeowners, apartment complexes and business owners and assists with the screening of tenants and basic managerial functions.

Tax preparation. Take a course on tax preparation from places such as H&R Block. During tax season, this type of business generates good cash flow, although the hours could be long.

Wedding consultant. Brides need help when planning their wedding -- everything from the wedding dress, cake, decor and location. You would assist the bride-to-be with every aspect of her wedding, making sure she has the perfect day.