Customers should be considered an asset to any business or organization, for without the customer your company would not exist. While customer service procedures for the telephone are very important, you should also know how to properly interact with your customers face to face. If you get the phone service right and the face-to-face service wrong, it can leave a bad taste in the customer's mouth concerning your business, resulting in the loss of sales.

Look, Smile, and Greet

If you don't have any customers walking through your door, then you won't be in business for too long. Despite that important fact, all too often, when customers walk through the doors of a business they are not acknowledged in a way that lets them know how important they are. Let your customers know that they are important and that they have your undivided attention. Make eye contact with them from the moment they step foot through your doors. While making eye contact with them, be sure to smile. Verbally greet them by welcoming them into your place of business and asking how you can assist them.

Be Available

If the customer states that she does not require any assistance, let him know know that you are still available for assistance if he changes his mind. Don't breathe down the customer's neck if he doesn't require assistance, since doing so can make him feel uncomfortable. However, you also don't want to wander too far off. If the customer needs your assistance, he should be able to easily locate you.

Be Courteous

Refrain from talking on your cell phone, texting, or using listening devices such as headphones. Avoid whispering and snickering with co-workers, since the customer may get the impression that you are whispering and snickering about her. Not only should you watch your verbal language, but you should also watch your body language. Avoid doing things such as rolling your eyes or sighing as if the customer is a being a bother to you.

Last Impression

When the customer is leaving your place of business, don't ignore him as if you don't see him leaving. Ask him if he found everything he wanted. Tell him how much you appreciated his visiting your business, and ask him to come again. Let the customer know of any upcoming sales or specials. He may come back to your business on the day of the sale and bring a friend.