Warehouse Safety Rules

by Daniel Smith; Updated September 26, 2017
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Teaching and encouraging employees to follow warehouse safety rules is vital to the success of your business. It’s important to provide a safe environment for employees by not just teaching warehouse safety rules but by enforcing them, too.


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The basis of ergonomics is to minimize stress on the body while performing various tasks. This, in turn, reduces work-related injuries. Ergonomics plays a role in the warehouse environment, particularly with product lifting, shelving and movement. Teach employees the proper way to lift, reach, turn and handle products to reduce ergonomic injuries to the neck, shoulders, spine, and groin regions. Hold workshops to demonstrate proper ergonomic techniques with your specific warehouse products. Provide support belts and other equipment that employees can readily use.

Chain Off Loaded Trucks

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Too often, employees step into a loaded truck to do a last-minute check or to adjust a pallet while the driver, unaware anyone is in the truck, drives off. The result can be deadly, with the employee getting thrown out of the truck or injured from shifting products inside the truck. Be sure to chain off loaded trucks. Require drivers to inspect loaded trucks prior to driving off. Teach employees about the serious dangers of getting into a loaded truck.

Marking Docks and Work Areas

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Marking docks and work areas is an important component of warehouse safety. Be sure to explain to employees the various markings. For example, red marking could mean a do-not-cross line and white could be a general traffic guidance marker. It’s important to have marking, but more important to explain the meaning of the markers to employees.

Safety Training

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Require employees to go through extensive safety training when they are first hired. Hold employee workshops monthly to not only talk about warehouse safety rules, but to provide group discussions. Get feedback from employees on areas to make the warehouse safer and reduce accidental injuries.


Have employees sign warehouse safety contracts. Consequences should be given for violating warehouse safety rules. Employees must know that part of employment is contingent upon respectingwarehouse safety rules.

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