Window company name ideas can be fun to come up with, but when choosing your company name, you want to keep a few factors in mind. Ask yourself a few questions such as, what window company names come to mind when thinking about specific services? Why are those names memorable?

The answers to these questions will help you when choosing names for your new window company.

Make It Memorable

Your goal is for your window company name to be the first name that comes to mind when potential customers consider windows. If your company name is too obscure or too common, it might not be memorable. Don't use a generic name. If your name is brief and catchy it is much more likely to be remembered, which translates into business for you.


You will most likely be utilizing some form of advertising in connection with your name. If your potential customers see your name but do not know what your company does, they won't have any reason to contact you. For a window company, the key word "window" generally has to be included in the name so people feel confident that they are contacting the right sort of business to meet their needs.

The Big Picture

Choose a name that inspires confidence in your company. Keep your goals in mind when you are choosing your window company name. Do you plan to have a logo to accompany your name? If so, you will want the name to be able to translate into a visual identity. One idea might be to create your logo first and then choose a name that coordinates. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sum up those thousand words with a brief name and you will be keeping the big picture in mind as you choose the name for your window company.