Unique Volunteer Ideas

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Give back to your community as a volunteer by sharing your money, time and a helping hand. There are many volunteer opportunities in your community available through national and local nonprofit organizations. Such opportunities include volunteering with youth, low-income families and the elderly. Narrow down volunteer ideas according to your professional skills and personal interests.

The Box Project

The Box Project has served communities in need since 1962. Each month, you send a box of supplies worth approximately 50 dollars through the Box Project's Family Match program. A box typically contains food, medical supplies and clothing. The organization matches you with a recipient family. Communities served by the Box Project include rural communities in Maine, Mississippi and New York, and Native American communities in Florida and South Dakota, as of 2010. You can contact the family you are helping through letters, so you are able to find out what the family needs. Letters also provide families with emotional support.


4-H, the largest youth development organization in the United States, provides volunteer opportunities to mentor youth. You can volunteer to teach in your local 4-H club educational program or teach volunteers during county recruitment events. Other volunteer opportunities include providing students with training in your area of expertise. Additionally, volunteer chaperons are needed whenever 4-H club members take overnight excursions. Volunteers ensure youth safety and serve as positive role models during trips.

Twilight Wish Foundation

The Twilight Wish Foundation's goal is to grants wishes to senior citizens. You can volunteer to grant wishes, donate funds and supplies, and organize fundraising events for the organization. Wish recipients often have particular requests, such as a ride in a fighter jet or a wish to meet a famous person. You also can provide basic items, such as food and clothing through the Simple Needs Twilight Wish program. Other items needed for seniors include dentures, hearing aids, wheelchairs, walkers and reading glasses. Funds can be donated to purchase household appliances and handicap accessibility equipment.