Online shopping gets a lot of hype, but there still are tangible benefits to having a brick-and-mortar location for your business. Retailers often find that the investment of time and dollars into a storefront comes back to them in their increased bottom line. Once your business is ready to make the move to in-person retail, consider the benefits of leasing a space.

Customers Spend More Money

When customers can touch items and view them closely, they feel more at ease with handing over large amounts of cash. For higher-end retail in particular, a storefront gives consumers the opportunity to feel out the items and decide what they want to buy. If they are new to a particular brand, a storefront allows them to peruse the merchandise and feel comfortable with the company before making a purchase.

Owners Develop Relationships With Consumers

Despite the benefits of online chat and customer service agents available by phone, there is little match for the ability to talk about a purchase with a staff member in a store. A storefront gives customers the opportunity to ask questions and for staff members to recommend complementary products or alternative uses for an item a customer is considering buying. Real people, overall, tend to add to the positive nature of a shopping experience -- which will keep customers coming back.

Companies Increase Their Local Credibility

Many customers choose to patronize stores that are unique and part of the local community. An online retailer can put a local address on its website; however, to make a business part of the neighborhood it's necessary to have a physical presence as well as a virtual one. Participation in community events, which can be promoted in-store, help increase the business's reputation for being locally committed and valued by residents.

Enhanced Display Of Products

Many products, such as home furnishings, look best when seen as part of a complete package. A storefront gives a retailer the opportunity to create a complete showroom so customers can fully visualize how an individual piece will work within a complete context once they purchase it and bring it home. A showroom can even enhance online sales, by providing an effective means of promoting items while still offering easy ways to purchase them.