No-Selling Fundraiser Ideas

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While many organizations choose to raise money by selling things like candy or cards, other prefer to simply ask for donations. There are a number or approaches that an organization can take to raise contributions through fundraising efforts which don't involve selling products. In developing your fundraiser it's important to have a clear idea of your goals and what resources are available to you to help achieve that goal.


An effective method to get the public excited about donating to your fundraiser is to offer entertainment as a thank you. One idea is to put on a concert, play or other entertainment event in your community, perhaps at a school auditorium or community center. A second approach is to create a video offered on a website after a donation is made.


A telethon allows people in your area to showcase their talents to help out a worthy cause. Enlist volunteers to man the phones, help behind the scenes and otherwise ensure the telethon runs smoothly. Ofter various items available for bids throughout the course of your telethon. Business often donate items for this purpose as their contribution. When possible enlist local or national celebrities to perform or to manage phones for a few hours.

Donations Plea

A direct-donations plea can be made in person or by utilizing mailers. Design your fundraiser mailers, fliers or posters using graphics software. You can hand out fliers in front of stores or you can place posters in public areas or businesses (after obtaining permission). Mail out mailers that clearly explain the need for donations and how the monies will be used. If you have a website, include it on your mailers and fliers and direct people to it to access more detailed information on your charity or other entity. If your website is set up to take donations online, note on your mailer that secure contributions can be made through your site.