Raising awareness about a particular cause can be a challenging but rewarding experience. An awareness campaign can increase donations to a cause in need, build volunteer support or create legislative change. A successful awareness campaign is a multifaceted effort - a team of volunteers should use different avenues to increase awareness of different audiences. Several strategies are effective in an awareness campaign.

Step 1.

Establish goals for your awareness campaign. While the obvious goal is to raise awareness about your cause, you can set more specific goals to help achieve this cause. For example, if you want to raise awareness about a disease, you can measure that awareness in dollars donated to an organization that researches cures for the disease. Thus, your goal can be to raise a certain amount of money.

Step 2.

Identify your campaign's target audience. Even if you want to target an entire community, you can divide that population into subsets to create a convincing campaign for each group. For example, you might have your youngest volunteers target their classmates, while the most seasoned volunteers will focus on raising awareness among local corporations.

Step 3.

Research your cause. Equip yourself and your team of volunteers with the facts they need about your campaign. If your campaign aims to make the public aware about low teacher salaries, know the facts. Hold a meeting before you launch your campaign to review pertinent facts about the cause and answer any volunteer questions about exactly what the campaign strives to achieve.

Step 4.

Identify different campaign strategies to use. You might hold a rally in a local park to raise awareness or have volunteers stand on street corners with handmade signs. You can sell products, such as wristbands or T-shirts, that advocate the cause. You can start a social media campaign to reach out to online users and keep them up to date on your cause. Don't hone in on just one strategy; but use different strategies, which will appeal to different audiences.

Step 5.

Execute your campaign. Divide your volunteers up into groups to participate in specific campaign strategies. Encourage these groups to meet individually to plot out their strategies. Carry out your campaign over anywhere from a week to a month. Don't condense all of your strategies into one event-filled day. Stretch them out to extend your campaign and raise as much awareness as you can.