Pedicure chairs have almost become a necessity in every modern salon today. Customers or clients prefer and like a professional and comfortable pedicure chair for their cosmetic treatments or sittings. The exact specifications of each chair are determined by the manufacturer. There are quite a few pedicure chairs that are popular and common in different spas and salons, but the specifications of these chairs differ depending on the manufacturers of the chairs.

La Rose Chair

The dimension of the La Rose Chair is 55” length X 32” width X 58” height. Its weight is 350 lbs. or 130 kg. The tub capacity is of 5 gallons (19 liters). For its water source, a ½” pipe thread fitting for hot and cold water is required. A normal water pressure of 30 to 120 psi is needed for optimal operation. A drain of 1 ¼” is required, unless a ½” discharge is installed. It is important to meet all the local plumbing codes, as in the use of 40 drain pipe and appropriate traps. A ground fault interrupter is required in the electrical system. This unit comes with Whirlpool Cleanjet 1/5 HP, with 120 V, 1.5 AMP and 60 Hz. The base material is of premium quality Lucite, cast acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin. The chair material is made from durable leatherette with a special protective finish. This chair is CSA approved and UL listed.

La Fleur Chair

The dimensions of this model pedicure chair is 55” length x 32” width x 58” height. The weight is 350 lbs. or 130 kg, with shipping weight being 420 lbs. (157 kg). The tub capacity is 4 gallons (19 L). The drain source needs to be 1-1/4 drain, with ½ is discharge is installed. All local plumbing codes must be obeyed by using 40 drain pipe and the appropriate traps. A factory installed discharge pump is optional. Water source needs to be with the use of ½” pipe thread for both hot and cold water. A backflow preventer is installed by the factory, and a normal water pressure of 30 to 120 PSI is required. The electrical components consist of a Whirlpool CleanJet 1/5HP 120V 1.5 AMP 60 HZ.

Pedicure Spa Chair

Pedicure Spa chair has two motors and 4 rollers. Its operating voltage is 110 V, and power consumption at 70 watts. This chair measures 28” W x 61” L x 34” H and is 144 lbs. It features an incline of 145 degrees. The number of massage functions and programmed functions is 4 each. The total massage stroke length is 18 inches. Full length travel is 43 seconds, with rolling at 25 – 35 minutes. Kneading is 50 – 35 – 20 and cycles per minute compression if 70 -50. Cycles per minute percussion is 135 -110, cycles per minute up and down is 25 – 35- 45. The fabric used is made of special polyurethane.