Custodian Interview Questions

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An interview is the first impression a job seeker gives to an employer. It is also a time when you, the interviewer, can learn a lot about a potential candidate, and evaluate those qualifications to find the best possible employee. When interviewing candidates for a custodian position, businesses should consider candidates’ qualifications as they relate to their professional experience, personal character, and compatibility with the business.

Professional Interview Questions

Custodians must have knowledge of many different maintenance activities and should demonstrate this knowledge in the interview. A business can ask many questions about a potential custodian’s professional experience including: “What equipment or chemicals do you have experience using in a professional environment?”, “How have you monitored and maintained a large building in the past” and “In your previous positions, how have you responded to spontaneous, chaotic situations such as a spills or broken items?” Creative questions can be used as well to see how well a candidate reacts to spontaneous situations. An example is “If you had to clean this room right now, what would you do and what resources would you use?”

Personal Character Questions

In addition to evaluating a custodian’s professional experience, a business should carefully consider applicants’ personal characters. Many organizations utilize computer-based personality tests to examine a potential employee’s ethical and moral character and his responses to different situations. Interview questions could include “Do you work well as part of a team?", “What do you do when you run out of work to do during the workday?” and “How do you cope with stress at work?”

Compatibility Questions

A custodian is a valuable part of any organization and plays a major role in the smooth operations of a business’ daily activities. As such, careful consideration should be paid to whether or not the candidates interviewing fit with the business' culture. For example, a custodian who does not like children would not necessarily fit with the culture of an elementary school. A business should ask questions like: “Are you comfortable interacting with our employees and customers?”, “Do you believe you will play an integral role in helping our business succeed and grow?” and “Do you see a future with this organization?”