While the bulk of revenue that comes from a bar is from beer, liquor and often food, you can also make money on selling items. This is especially true if your bar is a niche bar, such as a cigar or martini bar, or a sports bar with a particular theme. If your bar has a well-known or popular logo, take advantage of that and sell items emblazoned with it.


An offbeat thing to sell in a bar is individual cigars. It's especially appropriate if it happens to be a swanky cigar bar. Even if it is just a standard bar, or a martini bar, you can sell cigars with some type of advertising for your bar on them. This is generally an option only if the bar is in a city that does not have a smoking ban.


If your bar has a catchy name and is well-recognized in your area, sell shirts, hats and other merchandise with the name and logo on them. Hats and shirts tend to be the most popular. Other options include lighters and visors. If your bar doesn't have a distinctive name or logo, sell beer-related T-shirts instead.


Sell specialized glasswear at your bar. In addition to shot glasses, beer steins, standard highball glasses and wine glasses, if you sell wine at the bar, are options. The glasses should have your bar's logo and name on them. Alternatively, sell glasses that have your city's name or information.