When developing ideas for your bakery business, you want a concept that's both unique and still viable for potential customers in your community. If you need ideas, talk with friends and relatives who visit bakeries often, and ask them what kinds of products they would like to see more of in the local bakeries. Also research your business idea by reading some trade journals that pertain to the baking industry, such as Baking Business, Baking Management Magazine and Baking Buyer.

Savory Cakes and Cookies

Most cakes and cookies are sweet, but you can add diversity to these treats by opening a bakery business that specializes in savory cakes or cookies. For example, you can include black pepper-balsamic vinegar cookies; roasted tomato, mozzarella and thyme cupcakes; and chile pepper and cheddar cookies.

Online Cookbook Store

If you collect cookbooks about baking, you can turn this hobby into a profit by starting an online cookbook store that specializes in books on this subject. You can feature books on various types of baking, such as French baked goods, Italian chocolate desserts, Southern desserts and Latin American desserts. In addition to the cookbooks, you can also sell gourmet baking ingredients from different suppliers in your city.

Specialty Cake-Frosting Business

Another business you can operate from home is a specialty cake-frosting business that offers flavors that you won't find in your local supermarket. For example, if you like different types of teas, you can sell frosting flavors such as green tea, chai tea or orange pekoe tea. Or if you want to combine salty and sweet flavors, you can offer apple-cheddar frosting or basil-mint frosting.