By summer, the ideas that fueled stories for your newsletter during the rest of the year may have run dry. For a June newsletter, think about whom you write the newsletter for, and what stories they may be interested in during the summer months. Use this time to plan for later months.

Make it Personal

People like to read stories about themselves, their families and others they know. If someone has an interesting story of courage or triumph that took place in June, even if not the present year, interview them and write the story for the newsletter. Write stories that make a difference, such as stories regarding care needed with sun exposure and how to protect oneself and children from exposure and the danger of cancer. Safety issues with swimming, boating and other summer activities make for ideas that will interest and inform readers. Make your stories new and fresh with the latest information, statistics and with quotes from experts, such as a dermatologist for a sun exposure story.

Wedding Connection

June is know as the month of and for weddings. If you, an employee, reader or someone of interest to the readers is getting married in June, use that wedding for stories not only of that particular wedding, but also on other wedding-related activities and information. You can do stories on the history of wedding traditions, what's new, wedding attire, etiquette and destinations. The best stories for a June newsletter have personal ties and even a touch of summer hope and fantasy.

Vacation Information

Where do your readers like to go for vacation during the summer months? June is often the month when final plans are made and vacations are taken. Children are out of school and families plan reunions. Interview families on vacation plans. Write up tips for how to put together family reunions, such as finding a venue large enough for the family, one easily accessible and with the amenities needed for the families involved. You can also offer tips on how to use family reunions to gather family history by recording memories on tape, video, web cam and though pictures. If doing a story on resort vacations, talk about resort wear, financial dos and don'ts, how to make the most of the vacation budget and how to find the best vacation deals as well as vacation destinations that are family- and animal-friendly.


Environment issues make good copy for a June newsletter. With most American children out of school, families may consider what they can do for the environment. Ideas for a June newsletter revolve around stories on things individuals, couples, families and other groups can do to clean up and maintain a healthy environment. Stories on gardening, proper pruning and maintaining a “green” lawn as well as composting for families make positive ideas for a June newsletter. If an employee or reader helps clean up highway trash, write a story for the June newsletter. Encourage readers to always pick up after themselves, throw trash away and explain the results when they do not.