Customer relations manager (CRMs) help a company develop and maintain relationships with a customer base. The position, described as a company’s “goodwill ambassador” by Auto Careers Today, involves working with both employees and customers to make sure customer service goals are met, resolve customer complaints and develop sales plans.


CRMs help with sales by keeping an organized list of past customer purchases to anticipate future customer needs. CRMs commonly use software programs to maintain this list. Having a record of a customer's history allows sales staff to inform the customer about upcoming items or specials that may suit the customer's needs.


Customer relations managers use marketing techniques to retain existing customers and to help attract new customers. Marketing strategies include cross-selling and up-selling products, cold-calling customer leads, targeting and profiling customers for specific products and generating up-to-date leads for sales staff.

Customer Service

CRMs help provide customer service to clients both before and after a sale is made. Customer service can take many different forms, but commonly includes follow-up inquiries with the customers, taking and interpreting customer surveys, answering any questions about products or services and anticipating guest needs.