The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation oversees the licensing for cosmetology salons in the state. Before a salon can open, it must have the license posted on the premise. Three types of licenses exist -- commercial, flea market and mobile.


To get a cosmetology salon license, the salon must submit an application, which asks for the salon's mailing address, location address and owner contact information. There also is a check box to indicate what type of license the applicant is obtaining. Any applicant can submit the application through the Online Services portal, or mail in the application.

Creating an Online Account

Any applicant will need an account to apply online. You can sign up for one through the portal by providing your name and email address and creating a user ID. The department mails you a temporary password to access your account for the first time; you can change that password after your first log-in.


The fee for a cosmetology salon license is $95, as of 2015, payable by check made out to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. If you apply online, you can pay by credit card or electronic check.

Safety and Sanitary Regulations

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations outlines all the safety and sanitary requirements in the Florida Adminstrative Code, Rule 61G5-20.002. The requirements for all types of salons include:

  • Proper ventilation, and proof that the facility is free of dust
  • Toilet and lavatory facilities within 300 feet 
  • Salons at a permanent residences must be separated from the living quarters by a wall
  • No animals in the salon
  • Shampoo bowls must have hot and cold water

The salon also must adhere to rules regarding the cleaning and disinfection of linens, containers and implements like combs and brushes. A salon must be following all these rules, as well as any local fire and building codes, before it can open.


After the salon opens, the department inspects the property to assure it is adhering to all the rules. A flea market salon must go through inspections before it officially opens for business.

Mobile Salons

A mobile salon must follow additional rules:

  • Must maintain a permanent business address.
  • Must provide a list each month of locations, dates and hours where it will be operating, so that the department can perform routine inspections.
  • Must have a self-contained, flush chemical toilet with holding tank; at least 35 gallons of clean water storage; and waste water storage equal to or greater than the fresh water storage.