What Are the Different Types of Kiosks?

information image by dead_account from Fotolia.com

Kiosks are self-contained units that provide information, render services, and rent or sell goods to people. You can use one to accomplish all sorts of tasks, such as ordering prints from a digital camera, applying for a job or renting a DVD. Kiosks typically use touch-screen technology or keyboards for people to interact with them.

DVD Rental

DVD rental kiosks, commonly seen inside supermarkets and other convenient locations, are filled with movies for rent, allowing customers to bypass going into a DVD store and quickly get what they want.


For people who don’t have good color printers at home or work, it’s useful to take a digital camera to a photo-printing kiosk to have prints made. Options at these kiosks include instant printing, one-hour wait and five-day wait.


Large companies streamline the job application process by installing kiosks where potential workers can sit and enter their information, seek work, and even take aptitude tests without having to make an appointment to see a person in the human resources department. For example, kiosks can be found inside retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

Patient Self-Service

Health-care providers place kiosks inside their facilities so patients can communicate with staff members, update their medical records, and make payments for services.


Museums and other facilities that provide information set up kiosks to allow patrons to learn more about exhibits at their own pace, rather than having to wait for a tour guide to educate them.


Movie theaters and other entertainment venues offer kiosks on their premises for customers to look up schedules of events, make reservations and purchase tickets.