What Banks Offer NFL Credit Cards?

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National Football League fans can turn their everyday purchases into football experiences by using credit cards decorated with a favorite team. Applying for the card allows fans to show team spirit while leveraging their money by earning points. The NFL authorizes just one bank to distribute the card, and the league can change banks after an agreement with another ends.

Barclaycard US

Barclaycard distributes the official National Football League credit card, called the NFL Extra Points Rewards Card. Fans approved for the card can earn points for dollars spent, redeeming them for tickets, discounts on NFL merchandise and VIP experiences. Fans can choose their favorite team and receive the Master Card decorated with the team's colors and logo. The NFL and Barclaycard US announced their multi-year partnership in June 2010. With American operations based in Wilmington, Delaware, Barclays also operates in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Far East.

Bank of America

Bank of America, which partnered with the NFL for three years to offer the official credit card, stopped the service once Barclaycard took over. Although the bank no longer offers official NFL credit cards, it offers football-themed debit cards with four choices-the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and Washington Redskins. Bank of America struck agreements with the individual football teams to offer the cards. The themed checking accounts also include checks decorated with your team of choice and the same services as other Bank of America checking accounts.

The Switch

When NFL switched from Bank of America to Barclaycard, cardholders scrambled to change their cards. Existing customers had just a few weeks to redeem their reward points from Bank of America and apply for new cards with Barclaycard. Bank of America sent most of the NFL cardholders new, regular cards with the same account number. Cardholders had to weigh the financial impacts of closing a credit card they perhaps no longer wanted, which could lower their credit score, or paying to transfer an old balance to a new card.


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