H&R Block provides a rapid tax refund so you can get your money the same day you file your return. There is no waiting. If you qualify, H&R Block gives you a no-interest loan that will be paid back to them when the IRS sends your tax refund.

Things You Need to Provide

You will need to bring documents to H&R Block to see if you qualify for their Rapid Refund program. Make it easy next year by saving these documents in one place for easy access and consider making virtual copies of it all to have as backup. If you're filing jointly, provide the same information for your spouse.

  1. Social Security card.
  2. Social Security cards for kids.
  3. W-2 forms from any employers.
  4. 1099 forms if contract work was completed.
  5. Last year's tax return.
  6. Proof of investment income, such as interest on investments or from the sale of stocks or bonds.
  7. Proof of Social Security benefits, such as a benefit verification letter.

When it doubt, bring it. Any paperwork that proves income received or proof of charitable donations that can be written off should be provided. Ultimately, the experts at H&R Block Rapid Refund will be able to sort through it and tell you if anything further is needed. You don't have to file your tax return with H&R Block if you find that you don't qualify for the rapid refund.

Choose to Prequalify Online

Applying for H&R Block Rapid Refund does not affect credit scores. You can go to an H&R Block office in person or choose to use the process online to prequalify. Go to the website and enter the relevant information. Your eligibility is decided by B of I Federal Bank which determines whether you meet its criteria for a zero percent loan. There are no fees for this.

Apply for the H&R Block Rapid Refund

Whether you choose to prequalify or not, call 800-HRBLOCK (800-472-5625) or go online to make an appointment with a tax professional or pop into your local H&R Block office for a walk-in appointment.

Amount of Your Refund

The amount of the refund you get depends on your eligibility and, of course, the amount you are expected to receive from the IRS. The four available amounts are: $500, $750, $1250 or $3,000. H&R Block will verify your state-issued identification so have either a driver’s license, state ID or passport at the ready. The amount will be issued exclusively on a prepaid Mastercard Emerald Card, particular to H&R Block. Your H&R tax preparer will give you the card. A rapid refund tax return allows for an immediate infusion of cash – you get your money right away, no waiting.