Performance Review Safety Issues

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Performance reviews provide the opportunity for employees and employers to discuss job performance, evaluate expectations and set goals for the upcoming year. Employers should consider performance reviews to be an ideal time for discussing important safety issues in the workplace.

Safety Equipment

Assess whether employees are properly wearing required personal protective equipment, such as goggles, gloves, aprons or masks. Most fast-food employees, for example, are required to wear gloves when handling food but often neglect to change gloves. During a performance review, discuss the importance of required safety equipment and cite situations where you may have observed the employee violating a requirement. Explain the health or safety risks created by non-compliance and counsel him to strive to meet expectations.

Safety Procedures

Review all safety procedures and cite any instances when the employee may have been in violation. All businesses have procedures in place to prevent accidents and maintain a safe work environment. These may include routine equipment maintenance, work space safety inspections, team lifting procedures for bulky or heavy items, immediate spill cleanup and any other procedures specific to health and safety.

Accident History

Spend time during a performance review discussing your company's accident history and reiterate the importance of safety at work. Employers pay an estimated $1 billion per week on expenses associated with workplace injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These expenses include medical and workers' compensation costs, lost productivity, equipment repairs and training costs.


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