Fingerprint scanning security systems reduce the possibility of identity theft through another employee using a coworkers RFID badge or another form of identification to access secure areas. When an employee arrives at work, all they have to do is swipe their finger across a pad and the software matches their identity to an employee list. Biometric fingerprint systems improve the security and effectiveness of a company.

Access and Timekeeping

Most fingerprint scanning systems verify a person's identity to ensure they have permission to access a secure area. Many employers also use fingerprint scanning systems to confirm when an employee arrives or leaves work. Since time theft can cost the company a large amount of money, using a fingerprint security system to track employee attendance can prevent another coworker from clocking someone in or out. This results in more accurate time logs and fewer mistakes.


Fingerprint scanning systems provide a reliable way to track employees and you don't need to worry about storing extra data, since the system only requires a fingerprint. With a fingerprint-based system, employees don't need to worry about keeping cards or passwords safe. Fingerprint-based systems provide the ability to detect an individual out of millions of fingerprints accurately.


Most other security systems have a higher risk of breaches caused by employee error. Someone can take advantage of a badge carelessly left behind to access a forbidden area, or a skilled worker may be locked out of his work area if he left his work badge at home. Fingerprint-based systems provide additional security, since criminals can't easily fake a fingerprint, fingerprints can't get misplaced and employees can't forget to bring their fingerprint to work.


Fingerprint-based systems can save money on hardware and material costs. Fingerprint scanning systems tend to consist of a simple fingerprint reader and software that identifies the individual. Most upgrades to the system come in the form of software-based upgrades, which reduces costs further. With fingerprint systems, you don't have to worry about reprogramming badges, assigning employee passcodes or maintaining inventory.