Fun Games for Team Meetings

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A great way to start a team meeting is with a fun game. Games are an effective way to create an opportunity for team members to interact and get to know one another. Games played at the start of a team meeting can be used to simply break the ice and get to know one another or to teach teamwork principles. Providing time to have fun directly before a meeting will help the members of team have a great attention span because their minds will be alert to receive the information.

Identifying the Lie

Break the team up into smaller groups of four to six people. Give each person a sheet of paper and instruct them to write down two statements on the paper that are not true about their lives and one statement that is true. Provide a few minutes for everyone to write down their three statements. Once everyone completes their statements, have each person in the group share their statements. The listeners work together to identify which statement is true. This game allows team members to learn interesting facts about one another.

Team Lift

Have the members of your team sit on the floor in a circle. Instruct the members to put their backs towards one another in the circle. Inform them that the objective of the game is to have the entire group stand together at the same time. In order to succeed, every team member has to be in unity with the others, otherwise the group will not be able to stand in unison. The team can only accomplish the objective by using one another’s backs, creating unified pressure to stand together. After the game is complete, use it as a learning activity and discuss the importance of teamwork, listening skills and communication skills.

Statement Hunt

Before the team meeting, create a paper with 15 random statement on it such as, “has been to more than four countries,” or “ has never seen the Pacific Ocean.” Next to each random statement place a small line. Print the list out and make enough copies for each team member. Give one sheet to each team member and instruct the team that the objective is to go around the room and find a person who accurately fits the statements description. Once they find someone, that person puts their initials next to the statement. The game is played until someone has their sheet completely filled out.


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