Launching a brand can be extravagant or economical depending on the company's budget. Although a company doesn't have to break the bank to launch a product, it must be effective. The main goals of a launch campaign are to create a buzz and educate a target audience. Traditional activities include staff training sessions, advertisements, events, in-store demonstrations, and post-launch activities.

Internal Campaigns

Develop the brand and create a team to champion it. This internal activity is a critical one, because launching a brand takes focus and dedication. Educate key executives, then filter down to team members that are a part of the launch. Instill brand values in those individuals who will have direct contact with customers or press.

External Advertisements

Advertisements are a crucial activity in a brand's launch, whether they are watched on TV, seen in magazines, surfed on the Internet, or announced on the radio. Ads make the audience anticipate the product's arrival to the market or inform them of its unique selling point. Select national or regional ad campaigns according to the distribution of the product.

Press and Industry Events

A launch event is the first big push for the brand and the one that gets all the press coverage. Hold your launch event at a venue where the press, buyers and targeted customers can get acquainted with the product. Selecting a key location--and plastering it with the brand from top to bottom--is an effective way to communicate the brand’s message to your audience.

Direct Customer Events

Reach the customer directly through retail outlets by positioning a launch event where target consumers shop. A fine arts company launching its latest acquisitions might select an upscale venue targeted towards a specific client list, whereas a beverage company may opt for a series of supermarket events that focus on shoppers.

Promotion Campaigns

Promotional campaigns occur in conjunction with the product launch and are held on dates that surround the launch. These promotions offer an incentive to buy and try the product, and often come in the form of instant discounts, free gifts or memberships. Promotional campaigns lead to brand loyalty and future sales.

Post-Launch Activities

Ongoing activities to retain customers occur once the product is launched. In-store fixtures and demonstrations gain consumer loyalty over a period of weeks or months. Measure the effectiveness of the campaign and get opinions about the product with surveys and customer feedback. Court the press by providing them with materials, samples and relevant information for upcoming articles. Keeping the press informed results in continuous coverage, as any future activities are considered newsworthy.