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Health fairs, whether they take place at a school, business or community center, provide people with the resources to live a healthy life. Doctors, dentists and nutritionists can provide information about their services and offer tips to follow a healthy lifestyle. Companies can promote their products, and organizations can advance their causes. A health fair vendor should set up a display that attracts visitors, give them useful information and entices them to learn more.

Give Away Coupons

Health fair attendees are looking to learn more about healthy-living resources in their area. Perhaps they’ve seen your service, but they don’t have the money to pay full price. For example, a chiropractor can include a display listing the services he offers and images of his office and staff. Give visitors a coupon for a free consultation or a modest discount, like 10 percent, off any service.

Sign Up Potential Customers

A health fair allows vendors to reach out to consumers they might otherwise overlook. Use this opportunity to network and expand your contacts. For example, a nutritionist who sends out a weekly newsletter with health tips to her clients can collect email addresses for potential clients and include them on the distribution list.

Provide Free Samples or Services

Let health fair attendees try out your product or service at the fair. For example, a dermatologist can offer samples of sunscreen, which encourages people to get in the habit of protecting themselves from the sun daily. A masseuse can offer free five-minute massages to anyone who comes to the booth and signs up for the practice's newsletter. Giving health fair attendees access to your products and services will increase the likelihood that they’ll contact you in the future.

Offer a Demonstration

Vendors can demonstrate the effectiveness of their product or importance of their message at a health fair. For example, a company that sells antibacterial soaps can set up a hand-washing station to demonstrate how to best use the product, as suggested by Texas A&M Family and Consumer Sciences. A company that sells bicycle helmets can show how to properly fit and wear helmets.

Hold a Raffle

Vendors can attract visitors to their booth by holding a raffle. The opportunity to win a prize will increase traffic to your booth. You can offer a non-health-related gift, like a gift certificate to a local restaurant or a gift specific to your service. A health-food company can give away a gift basket full of items. A local dentist can raffle off a certificate for a free teeth-whitening session. The more attractive your offer, the more visitors you’ll have.


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