Sales Reporting Ideas

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Visibility and access to sales reports provide a visual reminder of goals and can help provide critical insight into trends or potential areas of revenue concerns. Reports can be created for management review, employee analysis or companywide distribution. The most successful sales reporting ideas lead to higher business profits and increase sales personnel motivation.

Daily Status Sales Report

Establish a daily status report that is distributed to your sales staff that provides a real-time guide of sales success. You can opt to have the report show a progress meter toward a goal, individual metrics per product line or departmental sales totals. The goal of this report is to help keep sales staff motivated on a daily basis to meet longer-term sales goals and company requirements. Modify the sales report to match your company's products and sales process.

On Demand Sales Report

Create a report that sales staff or managers can access whenever needed. Allow a date range input method that will show totals over a specified period of time for maximum functionality. Consider offering a variety of sales report formats such as a summary report, a detailed sales report and individual employee reports. These reports give managers and sales personnel the ability to self-manage their data needs in an expedient manner.

Potential Sales Report

Develop a potential sales report for leads and pre-sales processes. This report should outline the customer, potential sales total and provide a current sales progress status. A free-form section for notes and additional information can be included for complex product or service sales. The potential sales report can be used to help prioritize marketing and sales resources, forecast period-ending sales totals and analyze the sales department's progress toward established goals. This report should provide a real-time view into the sales pipeline.

Cost-Based Sales Report

Present a sales report that details the underlying costs of sales including product costs, development expenses, overhead and sales personnel allocation. This report will present a more representative view of your sales profit. Use this report to drive down costs and focus attention on higher profit sales methods and products. The goal of the report is to modify your sales force from a numbers-focused system to a profit-driven sales team.


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