Clean, disinfected hospitals are critical to ensure patient safety, decrease transmission of contagious viruses and limit the transmission of bacteria. Routine use of housekeeping reports can help spot problem areas and help assess process improvements that encourage adherence to cleaning guidelines. The most successful quality improvement reporting methods for hospital housekeeping solicit feedback from multiple hospital staff and help provide critical oversight of these basic yet critical functions in every hospital setting.

Incident Reporting

Create a system that allows for hospital staff, nurses, doctors and management personnel to log spot reports of unclean areas or unsafe situations. This reporting mechanism should be accessible all day and preferably through the hospital's computer network. Incident reporting should be used to quickly dispatch cleaning crews and evaluate sources of routine housekeeping concerns. For example, if reports are routinely logged about housekeeping quality in patient waiting rooms, consider adjusting the frequency or intensity of cleaning sessions.

Time Management Reporting

Well-managed housekeeping crews are able to provide rapid cleaning services to ensure full hospital coverage. Track the productivity of cleaning crews through easy-to-manage checklists that are uploaded into the hospital's record-keeping system. These checklists should indicate staff names, areas cleaned and services provided. If possible, this reporting should be done in real time via a portable hand-held computer device to allow time stamping. These reports should be reviewed to ensure all required cleaning tasks are performed in the time frame required.

Quality Control Reporting

Establish an oversight and quality review reporting process. Assign hospital personnel to review housekeeping tasks and effectiveness. For day-to-day quality inspections, use housekeeping management to conduct inspections. Utilize inspectors from other hospital departments to conduct spot checks and more comprehensive housekeeping reviews. Equip all inspectors with analysis tools that can detect bacteria and contaminants for quality assurance.

Customer Service Quality

Ensure the hospital's customers -- the patients -- are satisfied with the housekeeping services provided. Distribute customer satisfaction surveys to patients upon checkout or by mail. Solicit feedback and ratings of their housekeeping experience based on staff attitude, service times and effectiveness. Allow patients to add comments and return the form through a third party to ensure anonymity and transparency.