Pest Control Marketing Ideas

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Strategies to market a pest-control service employ many common tactics, such as using catchy names and slogans. But to sell your pest-control service to customers, you must draw attention to the particulars of business that few customers like to think about, namely a bug problem. Assure customers that your business will take care of any infestation. In marketing, use all the advertising media available, from printed sources, to television and radio advertisements, to the Internet.

Names & Slogans

Select a name for your pest-control business that's catchy and informative. Customers tend to remember a business if its name is to the point and easy to remember. Furthermore, by working the name of your business into your slogan, you will increase the chances of customers remembering your pest-control business instead of a competitor.

Printed Advertisement

Design advertisements for printed sources, including flyers, newspaper ads and even a website. Lay out your credentials to potential customers. Include your experience in the field of pest control. Highlight what makes your company different from other companies, what makes your business stand out. Give special emphasis to your use of "green" ingredients. Point out whether your staff has additional training not typically provided by other companies. Use printed advertisements as a means of letting customers get to know you.

Other Media

Take advantage of other forms of media, such as television and radio, for advertising. Commercials reach a large audience fast and can be the most effective means of getting your name out to the public. Use the limited time allotted to commercials wisely. Remember that people often tune out when a commercial begins, so employ a catchy means of snagging their attention. Use terminology that ties back to the pest-control business, for example, opening with: "Do commercials bug you? We don't intend on being a pest, but if you have pests in your home. ..." Use your commercials to get across the crucial points of your business, including "green" pesticides or any specialties such as roach control. Repeat your name and contact information often.

Online Services

Use a Web-based service such as This service sets the number 1-800-Pest-Control to dial directly to your store phone in your marketing area. You also become a beneficiary of its marketing campaigns. Try advertising firms such as Compelling Communications, found at The company plans and designs marketing solutions for businesses and specializes in pest-control business strategies.


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