Ideas for Giveaways for Offsite Meetings

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Your off-site meeting has been planned. You, your co-workers or your employees are getting together somewhere outside the office and you are in charge of coordinating and bringing giveaways. These may be for random lottery-style drawings or maybe recognition for work well done. Either way, you need to decide on items that are portable, are relatively simple and don't require any special care, such as refrigeration.

Gift Certificates/Gift Cards

Easy to purchase, easy to redeem and easy to transport make gift cards an ideal giveaway for off-site meetings. If you know your recipients well, you can pick cards redeemable for specific goods or services. For example, if a group of librarians are meeting off site, they would likely appreciate a gift certificate for books. If you aren't sure of what your participants will enjoy, buy gift certificates that are redeemable for cash or for a local mall, shopping center or online store. If your participants are from different areas of the country or world, purchase from an online store, so that everyone is able to redeem his or her gift certificate.

Gift of Time

The gift of time is often the best gift anyone can receive. Time off can consist of full or half days or even just a few hours on a Friday afternoon. Create your own gift certificates with a word-processing or desktop-publishing software program. If it isn’t within your scope of power to grant time off, some pre-arranging with the appropriate manager or supervisor will be required. Most managers realize the benefit of recognition and time off for their employees, so it should be a relatively easy conversation.

If time off is not an option, create similar-type gift certificates for an extra long lunchtime. Combine this with a restaurant gift card for a special reward.

Grab Bags

Although a bit more cumbersome than paper or plastic gift certificates, grab bags are another fun and convenient giveaway for your off-site meeting. Fill the bags with items from your company store: corporate pens, note pads, mouse pads and clothing. If this is not an option, purchase inexpensive items from your local party or dollar store. Include candy, pens and paper. If you have a boisterous group, include noisemakers and joke gifts. If your group is more serious, fill your grab bags with trade magazines and flash drives, but still include a few fun things.

Themed grab bags are also a fun idea. For a group of people who love cooking, create bags that include a good recipe and all the necessary ingredients to prepare. Graphic artists might enjoy a bag filled with samples of new software, colorful markers and nice paper.

Put all the goodies in attractive gift bags and transport them to the meeting in cardboard boxes to prevent smashing the contents.


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