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Strong leadership is the cornerstone of a successful business. Because most people are not born with innate leadership abilities, it’s up to you to help your business's current and potential leaders realize their potential. A variety of simple games and activities -- many of which teach and reinforce more than one skill -- are available for improving the leadership qualities most essential to your business.

Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving and Cooperation

“Pass the hoop” and “pull up” focus on developing teamwork, communication problem-solving and cooperation skills. Both activities help participants learn to handle and work with different types of people, work together as a team and lead others effectively. In pass the hoop, participants stand in a large circle with arms extended and hands linked. The group must figure out how to pass a hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of a neighbor's hand. Pull up requires participants to pair up, hold hands and sit on the floor with the soles of their feet together. The objective is to find a way to stand up at the same time.

Planning, Prioritizing, Teamwork and Decision Making

The “survival game” is a classic leadership-building activity. It is useful for helping leaders understand the importance of setting priorities, compromising and involving team members in decision making. The group chooses a remote location and then separates into teams. Each team must mutually agree on and prioritize the five things team members would take and depend on to survive at the remote location.



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