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Companies -- whether startups or established institutions -- can benefit from offering freebies. Product giveaways help businesses retain current customers by keeping that company’s name in front of customers, and they bring in new clients by raising brand awareness. Companies can give away products in cost-effective ways.

Traditional Promotional Products

Typically, giveaways consist of trinkets printed with the company’s name and logo. These types of promotional items are inexpensive, with many costing less than $1 each. Trinkets get the company’s name in the hands of clients, potentially translating into more sales. The key to using promotional products is to give away items people actually want and will use. Items like pens, notepads and magnets are easily passed around the office, and many people use coffee mugs and T-shirts every day. Companies like Poor Richards Promotions and Motivators sell these low-cost products personalized with each company’s logo and basic information.

Out-of-the-Box Giveaways

Many companies that sell traditional trinkets also offer inexpensive, promotional products that seem more creative, such as cell phone stands, hand sanitizer, can koozies, cell phone and tablet covers and food products, such as chocolates, coffee and candy. Because these items are less traditional, people may be more willing to talk about where they got them, spreading the word about the company.

Contests and Promotions

Rather than giving away hundreds of small items, a business can put that money toward a contest or promotion with one big prize. Bigger prizes can include gift cards, TVs, computers or even the company's own products. Businesses can easily run contests online through social media outlets or the company’s website. They can also host a contest in their stores through pen and paper entries. Running a contest assures that the giveaway goes to a member of your targeted audience and that promoting the contest gives you additional publicity.

Intangible Freebies

Giveaways do not have to be physical items. A business could offer digital materials, such as song downloads or electronic books and articles. Electronic and online giveaways provide the same benefits as tangible promotions and may lead to greater exposure. Some can be offered at no cost to the company.


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