Employers often want to show gratitude to employees for hard work and commitment. But buying individual gifts for employees can prove to be a daunting, expensive task, especially if there’s a large group of employees. Minimize the stress of shopping and reduce your budget by opting for inexpensive bulk gifts that your employees will appreciate.

Prepaid Credit and Gift Cards

Companies like Visa, American Express, Wells Fargo, Best Buy and Starbucks have corporate gift card programs that allow employers to buy gift cards in bulk to distribute to employees as gifts. To be on the safe side, select a store you know the majority of your employees frequent, or opt for cards that can be used anywhere. Many companies offer the option to personalize each card with the recipient’s name.

Wall, Desk and Pocket Calendars

Bring in the new year with a desk, wall or pocket calendar for your employees. Calendars promote organization and can help employees remember important work and family events. To make the gift more special, you can find out your employees' interests and get them personalized calendars based on a theme like their favorite sports team, TV show or animal.

Cookies and Other Sweets

Purchase cookies, cupcakes, fudge or brownies in bulk at your local bakery or make your own and distribute them to employees in decorative tins or large jars. Popular flavors for cookies include sugar, chocolate chip and peanut butter, while you can include a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Mix it up with brownies that have candies in them and fudge in both chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

Scented Candles for the Home

Candles are a great gift employees can use to decorate their homes. Select a scent that isn’t too overpowering. Opt for neutral colors like white and ivory. Companies like Yankee Candle offer bulk discounts.

Varieties of Teas

With its researched health benefits coming to light, tea is becoming popular in homes across the world. Select a special blend of gourmet tea and distribute it to each employee. Choose from teas that promote health, creativity and relaxation.

Miniature Zen Gardens

Offer employees the gift of relaxation and contemplation with miniature Zen gardens. Not only are these unique gifts great for employees to display on their desks, but they can provide employees with moments of entertainment throughout the work day.

Books with Personalized Messages

Find a popular book related to your industry or a funny book that shares the humor of your office and company culture. Many book stores offer bulk rates and will even offer a gift-wrapping service for your convenience. Get creative and include a personal message in each employee’s book.

Customized Coffee Mugs

Coffee and tea drinkers can enjoy a coffee mug at home or in the office. You can get mugs personalized with the company logo, motto, a special holiday message or a business milestone.