A well-structured meeting agenda is a valuable tool for ensuring that meetings achieve desired results within the time allocated. The outline of activities to be carried out, as well as the list of specific topics to be discussed, should aim at guiding the participants through the meeting. Therefore, an agenda plays a significant role in ensuring that the meeting is productive.

Advance Communication

An agenda ensures that pertinent information concerning the issues to be discussed is passed to the participants in advance. As a result, it will give participants ample time to do their research and consultations since the agenda contains a list of the topics or issues to be tackled. Additionally, participants will know whether they are scheduled to talk or make presentations. All the members invited for the meeting know what to expect.

Meeting Objective

An agenda is significant in keeping the participants focused on the topic at hand. This is because it contains a list of the goals of the meeting, as well as the major issues essential in keeping the discussion centered on the meeting's purpose. Alternatively, this can be achieved by informing the participants of the priorities or giving a consideration to all issues and projects that affect each participant.

Engaging the Members

In addition to emphasizing the purpose of the meeting, a brief verbal preview of the agenda at the beginning of the meeting helps set the pace of the meeting. It also gives participants an opportunity to identify a standpoint regarding an issue, as well as where to fall back when the meeting gets off topic. As a result, participants get to understand the flow of the meeting and to adequately engage themselves in the discussions.

Time Management Tool

An agenda provides a step-by-step framework for having an effective and efficient meeting. It helps ensure effective use of participants' time, especially if the agenda includes a time that will be allowed for each item on the agenda. Sticking to the time allotments helps participants stay focused on important issues and concerns.