USSFOA is the code assigned to the San Francisco International Service Center. The United States Postal Service opened the centers in 1996 to handle international mail service. The centers distribute incoming and outgoing mail in the international market. The centers improve the international mail service, which raises revenue for the organization. The United States Postal Service created the organizations to compete with private shipping companies that deliver mail and packages all over the world.

San Francisco International Service Center

The San Francisco International Service Center has more than 500 workers and moves over 150 million pieces of mail each year. The 250,000-square-foot facility houses more than 70 high-resolution security cameras to meet the stringent standards of the United States Postal Service.

Sorting and Scanning

The San Francisco International Service Center receives payment from foreign postal centers to sort and dispatch the mail that moves through the facility. When mail arrives at the International Service Center, the postal employees scan it through the Receipt Verification System. As mail moves through the system, the workers scan the pieces at all points along the way. The sorting and scanning process also counts every piece of mail that travels through the facility.


The San Francisco International Service Center is a part of an organization throughout the United States that tracks, sorts and dispatches foreign mail. The sorting center provides service to international customers and businesses within the United States as well as companies and individuals sending and receiving mail in foreign countries. International mail service through the United States Postal Service is available to almost all countries on the globe.

International Service Centers

The San Francisco International Service Center is one of five facilities in the United States. Additional facilities are located in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The New York facility handles the largest volume of international mail of all five branches.