A towing business seems like an easy business to run. Buy a truck, train people to use it, charge enough to cover gas and labor, wait for people to call. Starting the business also requires money, and grants are a good way to obtain that money needed to start a tow truck business.

Idea Cafe's Small Business Grant

Idea Cafe is a private group that donates $1000 per month, as of 2011, to a business which has been in operation for at least six months. The Idea Cafe grant has the support and backing of the Small Business Administration, or SBA. The grant application is available online at Idea Cafe's website. The process selects one grant per month out of hundreds of applicants. The grant includes $1500 in advertising services in addition to $1000 capital grant.

AAUW Grants

The American Association of University Women, or AAUW, offers grants to women who open their own small business, even a towing business. The AAUW does not list grant amounts on their website. Applications and guidelines can be found on their website.The process is highly competitive for these grants and funding is limited. Business owners must show a commitment to giving back to the community and improving conditions. The business owner must also be a woman to qualify for the AAUW grant program.

Small Business Administration Grants

The SBA offers grant programs for many different businesses. Depending on where the business is located, the number of employees, the age and background of the business owner, there are multiple grants available for small businesses. A towing company can receive multiple grants from the SBA for different criteria they meet. Grant value information and applications for each grant are available on the SBA website.

Local Chamber of Commerce Grants

Your state and city level Chamber of Commerce has grant programs for small business owners in the area. These grants vary greatly by city and state, so exact information is not available. Applications and grant details are available online and in person at the local Chamber of Commerce for the area. These grants are intended to boost employment in local communities.